CARDO and its partners/donor (UNMISS and WBeG State Police) has launched a new project

With Funding from UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS), CARDO has launched a new Project entitled “Upgrade of Aweil Jedid Police Post” this is in line with the high demand for Security as Wau town is witnessing voluntary Return of the Displaced Persons, the project will increase the number of the current existing Cells,  Electrified the whole station, Construct additional Offices and increase the level pumping water in high capacity.

During the events stakeholders share their happiness and expectation from the project.

The Chief of the area, Mr. James Philip Thanks UNMISs, UNPOL Department for the work they usually render to Awiel Jedid Community .The launching of today was unbelievable, but now it is real. I’m sure all these effort is to make peace prevail and allow Awiel Jedid residence to be at peace. Since UNMISS is doing a lot, we also get these chance to raise another problem, which is facing us here and that is lack Health facility in the area.

The Block Administrator Mr. Emmanuel Remijio, appreciated CARDO for the effort it is doing to help the communities, I particularly heard about the good work done by CARDO in other areas. Therefore it could be a joyful day to hear and witness the presence of CARDO implementing a project funded by UNMISS. it is really a good trust given to you CARDO .

Thanks so much to UNMIS for assuring the security of South Sudanese citizens.

On behave of CARDO the Founder and Executive Director, Mr. Orasio Opiyo, thanked all the stakeholders for the effort exerted to have this project ,he said the project is expected to build two new offices ,renovate the existing offices and toilets ,in addition to toilets as well as building of other two cells.

All these are to be made for the purpose of security, peace and stability to the community in Awiel Jedid, even those who are arrested they facility maintain their dignity.

As from today the project will be launched, and as CARDO I assure the completion of the project within 3-4 weeks’ time, because we need this project to have a good and quick impact on our community in Awiel Jedid.

The RRP representative, Mr. Peter, express his experiences, It is not the first time to work in Awiel Jedid, but because more population have retuned back from POC ,there is a crucial need to address their concern and this is stability ,security and peace. We did a lot in Wau, and we will continue to do a lot as we do know that citizens are still in need of our services. since peace could be realized we will be moving further. This service is for you community members, make good use of it and carefully.

For his or part the Deputy police Commissioner Brigader General, Kon Mel Aleu, Has Thanked the all stakeholders and especially UNMISS (UNPOL) for the great work they are rendering to south Sudanese citizen. Indeed it is a remarkable day to launch the upgrading of the Awiel Jedid police Station. Surely it is going to address the security and peaceful concern in the area. Chief, block administrator, take care of CARDO as they are implementing, show them your kindness, assist them, support them when ever needed so that they do the good work as I expect them to do, surely they will do it well. Indeed we are still having gaps in three locations, Hai Nazareth,Hai Ngab and Hai Zogolona ,these areas need support as well.

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