CARDO protection team pay a visit to Hai-Kamsin residential area of Wau Town

Our protection team pay a visit yesterday, 26th May 2021 to Hai-Kamsin residential area of Wau Town for new intervention in the are. In the team was our Executive Director, Orasio Opiyo with other two (2) protection staff and the UNHCR (donor) representative.

The mission was an introductory visit to the local authority, introducing the new intervention based on the vulnerability and common need that was identified in the area. As such, shelter was the major need prioritized and a number of shelters are allocated to the area to be erected within the ongoing project.

Earlier 2016, the area was victimized by the conflict that has force residents to flee from the area to seek rescue in various IDP camps with in Wau town and some had cross boarders for refuge. The area was the battle field durring the conflict that has cause lost of lives and severe destruction of structures and lost of properties over the last 4 years.

As of recent, the situation is calm and a good number of people have returned to their homes though with poor reminant structures destroyed during the previous conflict.

Vulnerable people are realized to be in dare need of assistance. Due to their vulnerability, they can not be able to rehabilitate their structures or provide other basic needs for human life.

With the small support of shelters provided by us as CARDO, there is still more need of basic needs and many other interventions in the area.

Not only in Hai-Kamsin alone or Western Bhar El Ghazal but the entire nation. The perpetual conflicts in the country has caused a lot of destruction in the whole country, therefore there’s a dare need of humanitarian assistance all over south Sudan.

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