CARDO has handed over a communal pit latrine to the communities of Alel-thony Jur River County.

as CARDO continues to deliver services to the community of WBeG and South Sudan at large. Today 30.09.2022 CARDO handed over an emergency Communal Pit Latrine in Alel-thony. The construction of a communal pit latrine aimed to ensure proper sanitation and promote health because it allows people to dispose of their waste appropriately, preventing contamination of their environment and reducing risk to themselves and their neighbors.

The event was graced by the Senior Inspector of the Rural Water and Sanitation, Ministry of Housing Land and Public Utilities – Western Bahr el Ghazal State, Mr. Michael Jay expressed his happiness and appreciation to CARDO and her donor partner NCA for the great work they have done, and he encourages the community of Alel-thony to commit themselves to prevent GBV cases and promote hygiene and sanitation among themselves.  He also urges the community to commit themselves to sustain the facility so that it will help them in long run.

For his part the NCA Area Field Coordinator Mr. Abraham Maker appreciated the community of Alel-thony for trusting CARDO and requesting for construction of a communal pit latrine’ “I wanted to thank the community and the trade union for trusting CARDO and requesting to construct this very important facility they usually say if you don’t ask you will not get” Mr. Maker also urge the community to use Community-led total sanitation (CLTS) approach to using available resources to construct for themselves pit latrine in their houses. “This work CARDO is doing is just an example we should not lie to ourselves that all of us will use this, but it is an example that this is something that should be there, it is a lesson to the community that every household should have a latrine using available local resources”

Speaking on the same occasion, CARDO Executive Director, Mr. Orasio Opiyo, highlighted the sustainability of the facility, he said that the most important part is the sustainability of this pit latrine, how will it be sustained, how will it continue to work for the next 2-5 years and for future generations, he further said, today we have handed over the responsibility of this facility including maintenance, repair and generally care to you the community of Alel-thony led by Paramount Chief, we do not expect to come back tomorrow and see everywhere is dirty around the facility.

Orasio challenged the communities by ensuring that, they have effective strategies for sustainability and these may include fining those who will be found misusing the facility and or charging some little fee since it’s a public facility.

Much appreciation to NCA for availing the resources.

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