CARDO concluded two days consultative workshop on Family planning in Wau

CARDO in collaboration with Norwegian Church Aid concluded two days consultative workshop on Family planning, the workshop brought together over 20 participants mainly Family planning services providers in the state, stakeholders’ youth, and women leaders. The aim of this consultative workshop is to get inputs from communities’ members and family planning providers on key messages that can be possible use when addressing family planning among adolescences girls, women and men.

On the opening remark, the NCA area coordinator have warn the communities and public not to misinterpret the issue of family planning “I want to put it very clear, because the issues of misinterpretation when come to issues that touches the Family planning. And for this reason, I want to say this consultative meeting is trying to gauges your understanding and the approaches at the communities’ level, Local government sectors, and how they can be cooperated into the plan action point and response in areas of family planning.”

For his part the NCA country Director have stress the important of family planning, the need to carryout this workshop “this workshop is to get input from the communities’ members on how to go on thinking about family planning, is an important issue “

2 thoughts on “CARDO concluded two days consultative workshop on Family planning in Wau

    1. Thank you so much, Mr. David, this consultative workshop on family planning is one of NCA activities that is supposed to be implemented next year

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