CARDO, South Sudan distributed Dignity Kits to refuge returnee in Raja

A total of 200 refugee returnees (Women and adolescent girls) have benefited from a Dignity Kit distribution carryout by CARDO, South Sudan in Raja County, through support from the UNFPA. The refugees’ returnees are mainly from Sudan and are currently returning to Raja County of Western Bahr Ghazal due to the unrest and insecurity in Sudan. The distribution was accompanied by GBV prevention and response awareness in Raja County.

A refugee returnee from Sudan expresses her happiness for the services provided by CARDO through its partners to them “I’m very glad and indeed appreciate CARDO and its partner UNFPA for the little support they gave us today, we are really in dire need of assistance, it doesn’t matter how small it is, this will help many women and girls” as we came through a tough journey where everything we had has been robbed on our way from Darfur to Raja, she added.

2 thoughts on “CARDO, South Sudan distributed Dignity Kits to refuge returnee in Raja

  1. I really appreciate CARDO for the support they have in Raja we actually need more NGOs to come in and give support to our people who are coming back to there Country South Sudan most especially those who are coming back from Sudan.

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