CARDO handed over an upgraded Awiel-Jedid Police Station in Wau Western Bahr el Ghazal

CARDO South Sudan have handed over an upgraded Awiel-Jedid Police Station in Wau Western Bahr el Ghazal state to South Sudan National police in Western Bahr el Ghazal state Wau.

CARDO under the Upgrade of Aweil-Jedid Project through UNMISS Quick Impact Project, have constructed two new offices, added two new cell and two more toilets in addition to the rehabilitation of the existing offices.

The governor of Western Bahr el Ghazal Hon Sarah Cleto has appreciated the initiative. And the UNMISS for supporting the local NGOs and She urge the community to help the police in reducing the crime in the area by reporting to the police.

“Thanks to CARDO for the great work they have done, and it is a great honor for local organization to do such a wonderful work, I think CARDO was well trusted of being accountable to the money given to them, using the funds correctly and reporting and that’s why from here I thank you Orasio and the whole team in CARDO. And for UNMISS choosing local organization to implement such works, it is really much appreciated and recommended”

Everyone is having a role to play in this community for security to prevail, inform the police what needs to be address.  We as community let us help the police by providing information about the criminal cases we have and that are happening in the community.”

The Founder and Executive Director of CARDO Mr. Orasio Opiyo have indeed appreciated the trust that UNMISS place in the Local NGO and Mr. Opiyo appeal to the police leaders to complete the remain part at Awiel-Jedid police station.

“starting with special thanks and appreciation to UNMISS Wau field Office for restoring trust into local NGOs such as CARDO to implement this Awiel-Jedid Upgrade Project, thank you so much for trusting the local NGO in this state. Indeed, it is a demonstration that the local NGO are equally advancing the implementation of the agendas of the government of South Sudan and Western Bahr El Ghazal in particular this police station is a project of the government and indeed we have try our best to implement it. The Project has started on 29 of June and it has taken approximately 12 weeks for us to complete the implementation.

We have erected two new offices in Awiel-Jedid and then two additional cell to the previous cell that were here we have also electrify the police station. And other thing that we have done, there was only one water tank so we have put additional water tank to ensure that there is enough water supplying not only the station but also the community surrounding the area.

There are few things that are left, which we could not manage in the available resources that we had one it is the guest house for the officers, I think that one is left to Honourable Kon Mel and Police inspector.”

For his part the head of UNMISS Wau field office Mr. Sam Muhumure have appreciate the effort that CARDO and other partner put to achieved this project and Mr. Sam appeal to the police commissioner to deployed more women at the station to address some women issue.

“I would like to congratulate all of you who have been involved in this work CARDO which have been the implementing partner, the police commissioner who is in charge of the police in this area as well my colleague who have contributed to this project. I would really ask all of you to thank the chief of this area for really able leading his people, he has been exemplar leader, because he walk with us all the way through, from the beginning upto where we are today.

Major General I have some request to you, this station here safe the IDP camp and the majority of population in IDP camp are women and children. And when women are having problem some problem are difficult to tell to men. So we have to request you to have more women in this station so they can be able effectively to address some of the issues that women could be comfortable to talk to them about rather than only interacting with men.”

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