CARDO and its partner (Malteser International) handed-over 15 bicycles to Interstate Coordinating Committee for Seasonal Cattle Movement (ICCSCM)

CARDO and its partner (Malteser International) handed-over 15 bicycles to Interstate Coordinating Committee for Seasonal Cattle Movement (ICCSCM) on 28/July/2021 at the Ministry of Local Government premises, which was witness by various state authorities including Minister of Local government who was the guest of honour, Director General for Ministry of Peace-Building and Director General for Ministry of Local government, the deputy chairperson of ICCSCM, plus representative from Warrap state. ICCSCM are playing a great roll in the implementation of Marial Bai Agreement. The effective monitoring of cattle movement is one of the efficient way to support social Cohesion Between Farmers and Cattle-Keepers”.

With this support from Malteser International, the ICCSCM will be able to carry out their duties effectively, across the two bordering states of Western Bahr el Ghazal and Warrap.

The Minister of local Government WBeG state Hon. Kamil Wana have recognized the role play by CARDO and its partners in supporting government programs of co-existence between the two sisterly state (Western Bahr el Ghazal and Warrap state). And also he noted the challenges of mobility that were face by the committee, but with the present of these 15 bicycles the challenges will subside.  

“Giving much appreciation to CARDO and Malteser International, because the program that you have support is the program of the government that supports the peace co- existence, reconciliation among the farmers and cattle keepers, and as such the committees were made to support the initiative of negotiation. This initiative of co-existence which is between WBeG and Warrap and extending this to Northern Bahr el Ghazal will be very important. Of course challenges were there, and these were mobility and as such these bicycle will be helping in addressing such issues as the first steps helping them to reach nearby places addressing the disputes. “

On the other hand, Hon. Minister have highlight some achievements of mobile court. Mobile court is one of the resolution of Marial Bai Agreement.

“To have reconciliation, there should be justice, and that is why government, ask of mobile court, and it seems it is now having achievements and good results, even though there are some part still not yet reach. Conflict that was occurring is now reduce, even looting of other belongings are now reduced, this is because of mobile court.”

For his part the Executive Director of CARDO Mr. Orasio Opiyo have acknowledge the humanitarian work carryout by the ICCSCM team and the challenges of mobility. Mr. Orasio Opiyo also urges the committee to make good use of the bicycles as stipulate in the agreement.

“This bicycle are donated after realizing that the committees are Non-profitable committees, they are also non-governmental entities and the are working on humanitarian and charitable work, that is why it was though wise, it is important to facilitate their movement however this is not enough  for now, but I would like to assure our committees whether in Tonj, Gogiral and in WBeG that we are working night and day to ensure that your committees are well organize and are well strengthen to performance their roll which are stipulated  in Marial Bai Agreement. You are witnessing the receiving of the 15 bicycles today but hopefully you may also witness receive of Motorcycles in nearest future.”

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